Friday, August 12, 2011

Learning how to sew and loving it!

I began sewing awhile ago before Marlie was born and made some simple pillows. I couldn't wait to learn more but then...... Miss Marlie Marie was born and that went out the window real fast. Now, life is starting to slow down a little so I thought I would start to sew once again. I am all about simple and cheap since I am such a rookie and not so talented in this area. The Sister Missionaries came over and taught me how to sew a pillow case baby dress. It was so easy. I am going to make a ton more. What do you think??

 Yesterday I came home from the shore and Nicholas built a little sewing area for me in the basement. How adorable is he? Really, how did I end up with such an amazing husband. He's my everything!!
 Don't you love the purses hanging up on the wall. He may be part gay. :)
 He even bought a couple of patterns for me to start with. I was blown away.

Friday, August 5, 2011

California Dreamin

We had so much fun in California! It was so nice to visit with the family, see the sites and enjoy the perfect weather. It was definitely hard coming back to the humidity. We were busy the whole trip and had a blast. The plane rides are another story. Marlie did well but it was rough especially when she didn't nap the whole day while we were flying. I'm sure some people weren't too happy sitting near us but what can you expect when you fly 6 hours with a 14 month old. :) Here are some pictures highlighting our trip.

We had to window shop on Rodeo drive. That is a must! We also took a little trolley tour that showed us the beautiful mansions in the area.  
 Here are a couple of pictures from Irvine Spectrum, my most favorite outdoor mall.
 How cute! Nick and his sister, Anneke and brother, Chris. We miss them already.
 My bestest friend Marcie was able to meet us there with her two adorable little girls. I wish they lived closer.
 Marlie's 1st carousel ride and it looks like Nick's too. :)
 This is what happens when you play a little too hard.
 Mimi and Marlie on Seal Beach. We had a blast.
 Can she get any cuter in her bikini. :)

 Marlie and her cousin Ellie with their matching dresses. Thanks again Anneke!!
 The traditional family picture in front of the Coleman home. We miss you guys!
 And of course the most important picture of all. Marlie with her Oma and Opa!