Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm In Love With SPRING!

Spring is in the air and I'm in Love! It seems like everybody has extra energy and are so happy this time of the year. It's like Christmas! Marlie's 1st Birthday is coming so fast I can't believe it. May is such a perfect month for a Birthday! I enjoy Motherhood more and more as she gets bigger. I'm so excited for the summer and all that we will do together.

A little update of course. :) Marlie has 3 teeth and one on its way in. 2 on the bottom and almost 2 on the top. She unfortunately got 2 more ear infections but you would never know. She is obsessed with other kids. I'm surprised she hasn't sprained her neck from turning it around so fast to see the other kids. It's hilarious. She wants so badly to play with them. I'm sure it will be real soon. She is very strong and loves to pull my hair and pinch you. Mama and Dada are her favorite words of course. They better be. JK  She said Bye Bye once but I think it was a fluke. She waves to everyone. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is trying to walk and has taken a couple of steps at times. She mostly holds onto things and cruises that way. She loves doggies and kitties. Sorry Marlie but no dogs in the near future. I am also proud to say that she is finally an excellent sleeper. She sleeps from 9-9 in her crib all by herself. Thank goodness! I worked hard on this one. 

Enjoy the 10 month pictures of Miss Marlie Marie!

Don't you love the hair.
I'm ready for St. Patrick's day Mom!

Marlie loves, I mean, LOVES Mimi's jewelry.
Her serious face.

Mommies little girl!
We're ready for Spring! Are you??