Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My baby girl!

Just a warning, this blog should probably be called, "Pieces of Marlie," since Nick and I are obsessed with her. Parenthood is wonderful. I feel like I finally found my calling in life. The only hard part for me is the lack of sleep. Those of you who know me well, I love to sleep. Ten hours plus. If I get 5 hours I am lucky. She usually wakes up every 3 hours in the night. That is definitely a challenge for me. It's ok though, she is well worth it. The first 4 weeks were really tough. I was nursing her and all she did was cry. I didn't know what to do. We found out that she is allergic to milk protein and now she is on a specific and yes, expensive, formula but all worth it because she is so much better now. She has her moments but what baby doesn't.
Marlie has many nicknames- Here are just a few.
1. Poopy pants- this is because she has projectile poop and it always seems to get on me.
2. Little Miss Marlie Marie- this is what my Mom sings to her. She just keeps repeating it in a very high cheesy voice that Marlie loves. I do it now too so I can get her to sleep.
3. Chubby cheeks- the formula is definitely fattening her up. I think my milk was skim. :)
4. Balding baby- for some reason all her hair has fallen out in the front. It is so funny. She really looks like an old man. I am investing in some cute headbands until it grows back. Good thing she is adorable and can put off the balding look.
5. Princess- this is another one that my Mom calls her and she is right on. Marlie is a demanding and impatient little thing. Like I said it is all about her and it should be. We worked hard to get her here. And of course here are some pictures of our princess! Notice in the pictures that she has red hair, especially the eye brows. Her Daddy has a little red in his beard and hair so I'm guessing that's where she got it from or there was a mix up at the fertility clinic. :)