Friday, May 20, 2011

My Marlie is One!!

This post is way overdue. Marlie turned 1 on May 6th and her Birthday parties were perfect. We decided to have 2 separate ones, a family one and a baby one the next day. It was definitely stressful at times preparing for both but they went perfectly. Nick's Sister, Myisha flew in so that was really  nice. It was so wonderful to see her and for her to meet baby Marlie. The weather was perfect too! I was so worried that I checked the forecast everyday for a week. Ha! 
 Her theme was Butterflies and flowers. It was sooo girlie but fit her perfectly. We even had live butterlies to release. We raised them from tiny caterpillars. It was a really fun experience. I suggest everyone try it with their little ones. We read the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, played freeze dance and danced like Butterflies, had a butterfly pinata and then planted flowers in little terra cota pots for the kddies to take home. It was a blast to say the least. We all definitely slept good that night. :)

Here are some family photos we took in the park celebrating her turning 1!

Here are some pictures from her Birthday Parties!

 There was cake everywhere, I mean, everywhere!

My Bestest Friend, Kelli, made the flower puffs. Aren't they adorable!
 All ready to party.... again. :)
 Nick and his Sister, Myisha. We miss her!!
 As you can tell from my facial expression, I wasn't sure about holding the Butterfly.
 Marlie planting her flower.
Time to blow out your one and only candle. :)

Marlie also had a good 1 year checkup. Her Iron is a little low like her Mommy so she needs to take vitamins but other than that she is very healthy which is great. She is now 27 3/4 inches long- 15% percentile. She's going to be short like her Momma too. Sorry Marlie. She weighs 17 lbs. 2 oz. and didn't make it on the chart for this one. Ha! It's good because I think she weighs a ton. My back is killing me. :)