Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time Really Does Fly By!

It is a winter wonderland out here in the east and Marlie seems to like it just like her Mama. We are definitely ready for Spring though. I can't wait for the warm weather and  Marlie's 1st Birthday! Is it sad that I am starting to plan for it now? I was thinking of a Butterfly and Flower theme.

Nicholas works so hard so he deserved a nice new set of  drums. I always felt bad when he had to get rid his last set of drums to a pawn shop because they couldn't fit in the car for our cross country trip to the east. Once and a while he jams with some guys from our ward while the Moms and kiddies hang out upstairs. Marlie hit the drums a couple of times but in the end, she would rather eat them!

Don't you just love that face! Marlie loves to crawl everywhere, especially under the table where I can't reach her. She is a strong little thing and pulls herself up to a stand with such ease. She just started to let go of things and try to balance standing up. Does this mean she will want to be a gymnast? Lets hope not. She  gets into everything now but I don't mind. I would much rather do this than have a crying baby. She does have a little temper though. She gets frustrated very easily and puts her hands into fists and grunts. She even kicks things out her way. It should be interesting when she is a toddler.

Today is Marlie's 9 month Birthday. I can't believe she has been out in the world  almost longer than in my belly. We just noticed her 1st tooth the other day finally.  I noticed because she bit my finger and it hurt much worse than before. The next day we noticed another one coming in right next to the 1st one. They are on the bottom in the middle and you can see them when she smiles. I will have to get a picture of it. I also have some stats because she had her 9 month well visit the other day. Her height is 27 1/4  and her weight is 15.13. She is in the 25th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight. She's not the biggest eater at times. We need to plump her up a bit.
This was one of the first times she stood up in  her crib and was so proud of herself. I went in to get her and it scared me to death because I wasn't used to seeing her like this. It was so funny! Nice hair too! Her hair is always like this. It's wild.
I know the snow is cold and not fun to travel in but look how beautiful it is. I love it!
Nick and I take turns putting Marlie to sleep and then Nick and I hang out for a little downstairs before we head up to bed. One night he never made it down. How precious is this?
Introducing Marlie's new playroom/Nicholas' Mancave. So far they have been good at sharing the room together. :)
The Mancave equipped with Video games and drums.
The Playroom equipped with the most adorable toys from Ikea. I love that place.

I am very proud of myself because I have been using my sewing machine. Sewing is still very new to me. I sewed this window curtain. What do you think? I know it is easy for most but for me, it was a feat.
Till next time!