Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Coleman Update

As usual I am way behind on blogging. Life gets in the way a little too much for my liking. I finally have a little more free time on my hands as Abbey is on a schedule now and goes to sleep at 8. Know that this took 6 months to complete. It's nice to have those couple of hours before bedtime to ourselves. Lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest. It is wonderful. I have so many fun cooking, craft, church and house decorating ideas. I am overwhelmed and have made it appoint to tackle one of my pins a week. I just finished an art project for Marlie's room and am in the process of making church quiet books for Marlie and Abbey. This is going to take some time but I will be sure to post some pics.

As for the babies. They are thriving and doing great! Abbey is the cutest, most ornery little thing. She is a lot like her sister. When she wants something, she wants it now. :) She is a very active squiggly worm. I think this one may be the gymnast because she is very strong and constantly moving just like in the womb. I got beat up pretty bad when I was pregnant. Marlie on the other hand is a klutz and a half. I think she has two left feet. Opa has seen this first hand. 
Abbey loves to eat which is refreshing. Carrots and pizza crust are her favorite. Marlie still eats like a bird but her favorite foods are shrimp and edamame which is pretty healthy so that is good. It looks like Abbey is going to be about the same size as Marlie. Abigail is in the 20th percentile for her height and 7th for her weight and Marlie is also in the 20th for her height and 2nd for her weight. They are both little peanuts. We are hoping that Abbey is going to keep her blue eyes. The Dr. says it looks like she will since she is 7 months. We will see. 

Marlie is doing great. She is such a big girl now and wants to do everything on her own. She says, "Me do, me do!" She is also in her terrible two's at times. Some days she is great and other days can be tough at times. She loves to talk talk talk. It is so funny the things that come out of her mouth. Everything is boo boo. She loves band-aides. We go through a box a week. The first thing she says when she sees her Mimi is boo boo. She loves to say, "hold  her please." We keep telling her that it is, "hold me please," but then she says, "hold her me please." It is so funny. Her Daddy also taught her to say, boom sucka. I know, a two year old saying boom sucka can't be good. It gets worse, her PopPop is really sick of Elmo so he taught Marlie to say Elmo gay. Do you believe that one!! Now she says Daddy gay and PopPop gay.  What am I ever going to do? :)

This is Marlie's 2nd birthday party at the park and as you can see Elmo was the theme. She LOVES Elmo. We are so sick of him but he is her idol. We were lucky enough to get Elmo to come to her party! She was in heaven. It was too cute. Since she is still obsessed we are planning on taking her to Sesame Place this week. I'm not sure how excited Nick is but I can't wait to see her face. It should be a blast!
We were also lucky enough to have Opa come out and visit on Marlie and his birthday. We had so much fun with him but did miss Oma a ton! Hopefully we will see her soon. This is a picture of the Philadelphia skyline right before we went into the Camden Aquarium. Marlie loved hanging out with her Opa and misses him as well. Hopefully they will be reunited again real soon. 

Abbey was able to blessed on Marlie and Opa's birthday! Nicholas said the most beautiful blessing for his Abbey Rose. The day was perfect!

Last but not least here is Marlie's 1st experience getting her face painted while we were at the Aquarium. They had all these beautiful butterflies and flowers that she could get but her father insisted that she get a skull. Yes, a skull. At least it was a pink skull. We were so nervous that she would cry when she saw herself. Instead she loved it as you can see in the picture. This is the first time she saw herself. Priceless! I love it!
She even made one of the kids in the aquarium cry when he looked at her. How hilarious is that. I love you Marlie Marie!