Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is officially here, finally!! Nick took this picture out our bedroom window. Thought I would share its beauty with you.

I know, I know. I have been a slacker with my blog. It is always in the back of my mind and I have so much to say but not enough time in the day. Hey, that rhymed. Where do I begin. Lets see, we are finally in the house and absolutely love it. I feel like a real adult. I guess that is a good thing. :) It is definitely hard work but well worth it. I have decided that I am slightly OCD with cleaning. I am slowly working on that. It was so easy to clean the condo. It takes forever for me to even vacuum. I get a nice workout though. The builder recently put sod in the front yard and seeded the backyard. So far it is still green. I hope it lasts. This picture is only a few of the many turkeys who like like to visit us in our backyard once and a while. We usually have about thirty. We have decided that if the cats are bad we will feed them to the turkeys. Poor things. They are scary looking creatures. It's nice to be out in the wilderness. A little scary at night though especially when we watch a scary movie.

We just bought a couple of crab apple trees. They are so beautiful. They are all blooming right now. I absolutely love the spring!!! It is so nice to see all the trees turning green again and all the beautiful flowers. Everybody is in a better mood, especially teachers because summer break is just around the corner. It is supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend. Yay!!! Nick and I found some nice walking trails in our woods. I love exploring and taking a nice walk in this beautiful weather. I've decided that the seasons are one of my favorite things about the east. Nick says he likes how it breaks up the year and helps you to not take the nice weather for granted.

Speaking of my Nicholas, have I shared with you that I love him so much and am so proud of him. He just finished his second semester in his Business Management degree and has gotten A's and B's. He is working so hard. I don't know how he does it sometimes with the responsibility of owning a house, work and putting up with me. He is pretty amazing. I keep asking him if he wants to take a break but he wants to go straight through. We recently went to a meeting at Rowan University for their MBA program and he has decided that he wants to go for it. I know he can do it. He's such a hard worker. I always brag about him. I can't help it. He is so humble that I need to make up for it.

The house is coming along. Each week, I have a list of things to get done. We have come a long way. Once again, I love decorating. It is so much fun. A little expensive but so much fun. I have decided that I need to stop and concentrate on a garden. I am coming to love gardening. Mind you I am very new at it and still need to learn a lot but I can definitely see the potential of it becoming a hobby for me. I just started tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers. I hope I don't kill them. This weekend I want to plant some spices.My friend Kelliann is into organic fruits and vegetables and has inspired me to eat healthier and organically as much as possible. She is now Vegan which takes so much dedication and obedience. I don't know how she does it. I look up to her. I can't imagine giving up pizza and ice-cream. Nick and I have decided to work on being Vegetarians with meat once and a while. So I guess you could say we are partial vegetarians or just people trying to eat better. hehe. It is going well. I have been making vegetarian quasidillas, tacos, and pasta. I really do believe that cancer is caused by the pesticides that are put in our food. Hopefully one day my garden will produce most of the fruits and vegetables that we need. I will keep you posted.

School is going well. I really do love my job. I've decided that this is the first job I have really fully enjoyed. I love that I feel like I'm making a difference and helping my students and fellow teachers. The kids are so cute and funny. Of course there are a few that you want to beat over the head but other than that I love teaching them new things and learning from them as well. My boss is having me give workshops to the teachers now once a month. Teaching your co-workers is a different story. I get so nervous in front of them. I'm so afraid that they are going to ask me a question that I don't the answer to or run out of things to teach them. I just taught them yesterday. It went really well but it takes so much out of me. I was so exhausted after that I passed out on the couch for three hours. I think I have one more to go till summer so that is good.

We are so blessed. We have such wonderful Families. We don't know what we would do without them. We wish we were closer to Nick's family, maybe one day we can convert them to the East. :) Miss you guys!! We just found out that Chris is coming out to visit. We are so excited about that. I can't wait to show him around Jersey. It will be nice.

Ok, I am tired. Time to go to bed. Hope you enjoyed reading. I'm not the best writer so I hope it wasn't too tough to read. Till next time!

PS. Here is a picture of Maddie as I was writing this post. I think she wants a blog of her own. Hehe